IT Automation decreases effectiveness. Do it

Do you strive to be effective with what you do in your life? Probably yes. So why would it make any sense to commit yourself to IT Automation if it decreases your effectiveness?

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Everything in life comes with a price. If we have to decide whether we want to set up our IT infrastructure manually or have it done automatically by a machine the decision seems to be easy. Who would say no to having more time at their disposal? It is not hard to decide on something we want.

The hard part of making a decision is deciding if we are willing to pay the price. An example of somebody who was 100% committed to automation is Henry Ford. He was willing to pay the price. He could not serve customers who wanted a different color. He could not serve customers who wanted extras with their car. He has lost customers who he could easily have served if he had stayed with workshop fabrication.

But the result of Fords decision was a massively increased efficiency which allowed him to sell his cars at a much lower price than his competitors. The rest is history.